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The Peryer Family

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The Peryer Family

We bought Tawstock Court back in 2012. It was looking rather sorry for itself at the time. (The first thing we did was buy a truck load of buckets as the roof was leaking in several places.) But we didn’t care about the mould, the peeling paper or the layers of pigeon poo. Because we were in love.

We’d fallen in love with Tawstock Court, its views and its history. That love kept us going through six long years of restoration work. It kept us going through the hours and hours of chipping away the new to reveal the old. We’ve pulled up vinyl flooring, scrubbed, mended, restored and rebuilt. We’re proud to call Tawstock Court our home, and proud to welcome you through our front door.

Whether you’re planning your wedding, booking a holiday or organising an event, Laura Peryer will be your main point of call. She’ll be the one discussing decorations, catering, entertainment and all those tiny, yet crucial, details that go into event planning. This is a family business though, so you may well run into Jake replacing a lightbulb or another member of the family cutting the grass, polishing a table or hanging up some bunting. Give us a wave if you do.

1000 Years of History

Learn about our history that dates back almost 1,000 years

Before and After

We are very proud of the work we have done at Tawstock Court. We have been recognised in a national competition for our restoration. 

Our Facilities

We have lots of facilities here at Tawstock Court that you can use for your event. 

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